Sports Bras

The Best Sports Bra

Because you know how important it is to have the right footwear when doing any kind of physical activity, you don’t go running in the same shoes you wear to work, nor would you go to the gym in your work shoes… of course not!  You expect quality footwear, which you know provides protection, support, comfort and functionality.   Today we demand more from our sportswear and sports bras.  We are always on the lookout for stylish, but functional, gear when trying to squeeze that much needed physical activity into our daily lives.   But what about the UNDER garments?  Why do we give so little thought to underwear?  For women in particular, the sports bra is as important as the shoes you put on your feet.    Finding the right women’s sports bra, according to shape and sporting activity, is fundamental for comfort and health, but sometimes can seem more complicated than it should be because of the range and styles that are out there.  (It’s not just as easy as picking a color; “I’ll just take the black sports bra, thank you very much”!) When it comes to sports bras for women, the choices are endless.  But how do you know you are getting the right sports bra for you, made from quality materials and created with your body-shape in mind?  You choose from the Ryderwear range of cool sports bras and you know you’ve got the best.  We, at Ryderwear, would like to show you just HOW important that exercise bra is and how protection, support, comfort and functionality is not just for the shoes you but the workout clothes you train in.

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